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Warehouse: LBBM offers a depot for storage of study product and medication in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. With a wide range of controlled temperatures (room temperature, 2-8ºC, -20ºC) we have enough space to storage big volumes of any experimental study drug. Our depot is approved by the ANMAT (National Regulatory Agency) and the temperatures are constantly recorded with data loggers. We also have emergency standard operating procedures in case of electric shutdowns.

Distribution: Our experienced Pharmacist, Silvia Brandariz, PhD, at her team manages the logistics of import, distribution and destruction of the study products. Due to the central location of the depot, we are able to deliver the requested study drug, very quickly on demand of the sites, controlling the transport temperature if necessary and complying with the national regulations on transport. Our close relationship with the investigators involved in the study allow us to be very flexible and dynamic with the delivery, almost 24 hours available, avoiding unnecessary delays that could affect protocol compliance. We also deliver with a 24h courier to the cities outside Buenos Aires and limiting countries.





llbm Having our own depot lowers the costs and facilitates the logistics and the flexibility to be able to respond on demand of the site with the supply of study medication or supplies.

We work with a wide range of controlled temperatures, recognized by the Ministry of Health, and a team of experienced pharmacists manages the import, stock and destruction. llbm