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ines ferrari
Ines Ferrari, PhD

evelina mahler
Evelina Mahler, PhD

Medical monitor and senior CRA:
Mariel Tocci, MD

Regulatory Assistant and CRA:
Alejandra Carballeda

Biochemist and Pharmacist Silvia Brandariz, PhD

Molecular Biology Advisor:
Mariana Catalani, MsC

The founders of LBBM, Ines Ferrari and Evelina Mahler
, achieved their PhD at the University of Buenos Aires (Biology) performing basic research on molecular biology, molecular immunology and cardiology, participating in specific and complex in vitro assays on cardiomyocites, the molecular physiology aspect of trials related to ventricular arrhythmias, Chagas´ Disease and other cardiomyopathies. This allowed us to contact many specialists in national and international Cardiology Meetings, expanding our network of opinion leaders in this area.
Their findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Lancet, PNAS, Journal of Immunology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, European Journal of Immunology, Clinical and Experimental Medicine and Circulation, among others, completing their formation abroad, collaborating on basic research in Institut Pasteur (Paris), MIT, CEPH (Tours), IGBMC (Strasbourg), NIH, etc.
For their contributions in basic research and cardiology, they received prizes and mentions from the Argentine Society of Cardiology, North American Society of Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE), National Academy of Medicine and Ramos Mejía Hospital. They taught in and assisted to national and international post-graduate courses and meetings, like Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, International AIDS Conference, CROI, European Society of Cardiology and Cardiostim and collaborated abroad with important groups in laboratories of Germany, France and USA.


llbm A highly professionalized team, with post-graduate degrees and broad experience in basic and applied research, comprehensive training in clinical investigations and GCP that keeps involving each of its members in all the steps of a trial, since the first contact until the results, creating a motivating environment for everyone which results in a successful project management. llbm