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LBBM is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with highly qualified professionals that combine many years of basic and applied research in molecular biology, immunology, genomics and biotechnology with a large expertise in clinical trials conduction, from phases I, II, III and IV, bioequivalence, proof of concept and pharmacodynamic studies. We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the largest cities in Southamerica.

The keys for LBBM performance are flexibility and a uniquely close relationship with a large network of investigators and opinion leaders in several areas of health care (HIV-AIDS, Cardiology, Oncology, and Neurology) combined with a constant academic intercourse with national and private universities. This allows us to keep updated with the newest highlights at a scientific level and to provide to our clients the highest management quality, since initiation to close out, guaranteeing the lowest drop out rates that will lead to successful results.

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Reasons for outsourcing to contract research organizations

Outsourcing offers a number of advantages to the companies. These include:
  • Decreases the time required to develop and present a new drug to the market
  • The sponsor can transform the fixed costs of personnel and facilities for clinical trial management into variable costs
  • In-house non-availability of services
  • Knowledge of regulatory processes in different countries
  • Increased complexity of clinical trials
  • Increased amount of data required from clinical trials
  • Multinational and multi-center nature of current clinical trials
  • Large requirement of patient/volunteer populations
  • Regionalized diseases





llbm Our in depth understanding of the local regulatory proceedings and timelines and our commitment to meet regulatory standards of the EMEA, FDA and ICH, avoid unnecessary delays in the approval of the studies and allows us to ensure international standards of ethics and data quality. llbm