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Today, we are proud of being a CRO which keeps growing, being able however to keep the flexibility and dynamics of a small group given that LBBM seeks for fluid and collaborating working solutions within our professional staff. We assign each trial as a personal project to a selected group of our staff, keeping everyone committed with the project, and involved with the study outcome and final results. We have an excellent relationship with the investigators we work with. We are well known by the evaluators of the regulatory authorities, through the seriousness and quality of our work and how personal we take our work. We are always available: we talk to the sponsor/client on a regular basis in order to solve urgent issues, no matter if it is office time or not, we try to be always available because we really believe that this is the best way to have the best results of a trial.

• More than 25 clinical trials, phase I to IV, proof of concept, toxicology preclinical assays
• More than 450 Healthy volunteers
• More than 150 HIV-1 infected patients
• Setup of a clinical oncology site coordinating 8 trials
• Large experience in cardiology research
• Network of psychiatry specialized units and investigators

LBBM started its activities in 2002, focused on the organization and management of bioequivalence trials, in an academic environment (CAECE University, school of sciences). In 2005 we moved our headquarters to the school of Medicine "Fundación H.A.Barceló" with the aim of having close contact to the medical community which would facilitate and enrich our network. Finally, thanks to our growth, in 2007 we moved to our own offices in Olivos, the north suburbs of Buenos Aires, in a very residential environment, near to the river.


llbm We are a local CRO, with a sound knowledge of the local regulatory timelines and proceedings and the key for our work is the large personal network of collaborating investigators of most of the areas of health care and our large experience on quality research. llbm